Can You Get Evening Primrose Oil Naturally From Food?

Is Evening Primrose Oil Found In Everyday Foods?

Evening Primrose Oil is a popular supplement to take, and you may be surprised to discover that small amounts of this oil can be found in different foods. However, this is not how to benefit the most from the supplement as only very tiny amounts can be found in food as the main source is a plant.

The original use for the Evening Primrose plant was to eat and cook with every element, the roots were roasted, and the leaves eaten in a similar way to salad leaves.

However, the seeds were proven to have the largest benefit, and when turned into oil everyone can enjoy them. You may be tempted to experiment with the different elements of the plant, but the oil remains the best source of omega 3 and fatty acids and the source most take via capsule form.

You can use the seeds directly from the Evening Primrose plant sprinkled on biscuits, and used in bread before cooking. The flowers can be enjoyed in salads, and the roots can be eaten fresh or roasted. Chewing the seeds may release more of the essential oil than you need though and isn’t the most desirable way of taking it.

The best method remains in a capsule or supplement form.

Natural alternatives are always considered the better option, but if you need the effects of Evening Primrose to work well, you will need to take the oil supplements.

Regardless of how you decide to include this remarkable supplement into your diet, you will be increasing the levels of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) within your body. This fatty acid is essential, and many people suffer with low levels, which cause many of the health issues EPO is used to alleviate.

Whether you suffer with inflammatory issues, skin problems, heart conditions, low blood pressure or arthritis, you can see a large benefit to including the oil into your diet as many have found. A simple capsule form taken daily can create significant improvements to health.