Evening Primrose Oil Benefits For Men

Not a lot of men take the time to consider the benefits of evening primrose oil. If, however, you are suffering from any inflammatory condition or one that has painful symptoms, then you may want to change your mind just for now and learn all that EPO has to offer.

Should Men Be Using Evening Primrose Oil?

The Facts:Evening Primrose Oil Benefits For Men

Why Is Evening Primrose Oil Important?

Evening primrose is a lovely flower in appearance but is made even lovelier by the essential oils you can extract from its. Its oil contains high GLA or gamma-linoleic acid levels, which are considered effective for treating a wide variety of conditions.


This skin condition often results as a symptom of an allergic reaction. EPO can help reduce swelling, redness, and itching if you are suffering from eczema caused not only by allergic conditions but other factors as well.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

There are many types of arthritis and this is one of the worst. It is a chronic and painful condition that can be made more manageable, however, with regular usage of evening primrose oil. EPO may not be as effective however if the person is also taking other inflammatory medications such as corticosteroids.

If you have a hard time obtaining evening primrose oil from your local supermarket or stores, you can also use black currant oil or borage as a replacement. They, too, contain GLA and are actually more affordable. Keep in mind, though, that EPO is still more effective, being able to help the body produce 10x more prostaglandins compared to other types of essential oils.

And these are not the only evening primrose oil benefits for men!

Diabetic neuropathy

When looking at the benefits of evening primrose oil for men, taken in combination with a healthy diet that is particularly rich in essential fatty acids is considered largely beneficial for diabetics. This is especially true when the patient is suffering from diabetic neuropathy, a condition in which nerves cease functioning, thus causing the patient to suffer from loss of control and use of their feet and other affected body parts.

Studies show that increasing levels of the person’s essential fatty acids may help combat diabetic neuropathy, which is where EPO comes in. Other studies also show that increased levels of essential fatty acid may also help protect the patient’s kidney and minimize risk of heart disease.

Ulcerative colitis

Yet another inflammatory condition that can be positively affected by the benefits of evening primrose oil for men, this one affects your rectum and the lining of your colon or large intestine, thus resulting into irregular and painful bowel movements. A 1993 study suggests that EPO can be effective as a complementary treatment, able to result into firmer stools but without causing any significant change in other symptoms caused by ulcerative colitis.

So, it is plain to see that the evening primrose oil benefits for men are as high as those for women!